The Wiz

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Project scope

The musical The Wiz is based on the seven-time Tony Award winning Broadway production, inspired by the successful film version The Wiz with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. It includes many world hits like “A Brand New Day” and “Ease On Down The Road.” The Wiz tells the exciting and touching story of Dorothy (Nurlaila Karim) in her search to find inner strength. Danny de Munk is in the lead role. In addition, Jerrel Glance Keman appears and Danny Yanga performs the role of the Scarecrow.

The Wiz includes the automated control for pulling 17 units weighing up to 500 kg, 2 units of 1200 kg, rotating and tilting floor houses, five tracks, a trap effect winch moving at 3m/s and a hydraulic arm with four axles.

In addition, STS supplied the necessary winches, many pneumatically driven elements with accompanying safety features. This installation is in conjunction with Bader.

There are counterbalanced winches. These drive the car on blocks in equilibrium with the decor. This can easily be automated. The winches are equipped with absolute encoders so that, in the event of a power failure, the position information is retained.