Introduction control

Because purple just performs better

One brand and one automationplatform for all installations in all markets: the AutoStage2000. This allows to have one operator for all installations or to choose for more operators supported by the multi/user features in combination with the advantage having an integrated control system allowing useful functions like interlocks.

The automationplatform with SIL3, CE, UL and CSA certification, has three main layers: operate, control and servo. Since all nodes are networked we offer a real time online remote service.  

The first layer OPERATE, can be devided in 3 sublayers: Composer, Piccolo and Remote, for large, middle and small installations. Look and feel for all units is identical.   

The second layer, CONTROL, can be devided in 2 sublayers: PC and IPC server. The PC server enables multi user functionality and remote service. The IPC server or double IPC for SIL3 level is the real time safety control for all axis, desks and estops. 

The third layer is the SERVO control. Each axis has one servo for electro motor or hydraulics. In this layer we also find the  on/off control or rigging box specially developped for chainhoists. Last but not least are the system cables with connectors allowing a rapid fitup and 100% factory acceptance test.  


Standard modules enable:
constant quality and high functionality
prefab and testing by using systemcables & connectors
customised solutions on top of standard base
EU, UK or US and CSA Type

OperateIPC central controlrealtime central position and group control, SIL 1-3 incl remote online servicepermanent venue in separate 19-inch rack or semi permanent or tour can be combined with tourdesk of servo'sdepending on setup: in separate 19-inch rack up to 400 kgfor (semi) permanent and touring solutions. Optionally equiped with router, switch and pc for remote service
Operateservo modular drive systemvariable speed and position control of servo motors & winch safeties. Including power, asibus, video and safety modulesFllight case or Industrial cabinets in different sizes for 18, 12 or 6 drivesdepending on setup: op to 700 kgeasy re-configurable: mostly for productions and open end theatre
Operateoptions & partsconventional drives, combi racks & system cables, conventional logic, SIL1 with SIl3 E-stopStandard system cable 10-50 m. Custom build cabinets: size depending on number of axes & functionalitydepending up length, custom build cabinets: approx 20-200 kgsystem cables with CE, UL, CSA standards, using conventional logic for small simple on/off control fixed speed