Soldaat van oranje

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Project scope

The Musical is based on the true story of one of the greatest resistance heroes in our national history: Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema. At the beginning of the war Erik escapes to England from which he smuggles and transmitting equipment to the Netherlands as a pilot involved in attacks on Germany. He was adjutant to Queen Wilhelmina and receives for his resistance work during the war the Military Order of William, the highest royal honor. 

His famous book, Soldier of Orange was filmed in 1977 with Rutger Hauer in the title role from October and in an innovative way to see if musical theater in the former airport hangar at Valkenburg in Katwijk. 

Directed by Theu bogey and a script by Edwin de Vries play the actors around a rotating platform and bring them thanks to the music of Tom Harriman and the lyrics of Pamela Phillips Oland and Frans van Deursen impressive history back to life. 

The role of STS on the direction of the turntable, the four screens and walls and roof of the SS prison. 
The turntable has a total weight of about 200,000 kg. 
The two big screens, fully supplied by STS, 26×6 meter and its two small screens 9×6 meters. The maximum speed is 2 m / s. 
The roof of the SS prison along with two walls gechangeerd. First, the walls go up. Down the walls and the roof cleats are also going along. This allows anything with a winch with a SWL of 1,000 kg are raised. 

This production was developed under the technical supervision of Robin de Levita and Robert Nieuwenhuis. A new start: it was because Robin de Levita who 10 years ago at the birth of STS and the first projects show automation. Robert Nieuwenhuis then played an important role in the development of the automation