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Project scope

The 8 million euro costing production by Henk van der Meyden’s Stardust on the occasion of Rembrandt’s 400th birthday, takes surprising new look at Rembrandt’s turbulent life, which is largely unknown to the general public.  Why did the regents, the lords of the canals, destroy the popular and beloved Rembrandt?  Why was his lover Hendrickje Stoffels dangerous and threatening? Why did his maid, Geertje Stoffels, want to force him to marry her?  Rembrandt was surrounded by lots of intrigue.  Rembrandt did not give up: he refused  –  he rebelled – to bow to the powerful lords of the canals leading to his financial downfall.  He retained his freedom, however, and remained true to himself.

 Henk Poort, a most successful Dutch musical star, is surrounded by a stellar cast and a large ensemble. The characters of the wife Saskia Rembrandt, Hendrickje Stoffels and Geertje, all come to life.  The production took place on Saturday, July 15th, the birthday of Rembrandt, his world premiere.

• The automation controls of the show deck, truss, various tracks worth in sync with the video.  The show consists of deck inner and outer revolve lifts which are integrated, and which reach a height of 2.4 metres.  The inner revolve scissor lift moves two curved staircases.  Each stage has three scissor lifts attached to the steps. The revolve interior has four movable platforms, and there are scissor lifts.  Data communication and the emergency power system run through copper and mercury slip rings and there is a wifi system.

 STS produced several truss tracks for the video screens, mesh fabric and drapery.  In combination with encoders for the altitude signal, synchronization with the video system   (Green Hippo) is achieved.