AFAS Experience Center

Project scope

AFAS Software is a Dutch Family Business with over 400 employees. A little strange, a touch of stubborn, but above all full of passion concerning customers and inspiring entrepreneurs. AFAS develops innovative software products for the business and consumer market and takes gladly its corporate social responsibility. This explains the design of the new head office in Leusden in The Netherlands. The ‘AFAS Experience Centre’ (44.000 m2, 750 workstations) will have its own theatre with 820 seats, a restaurant with 700 seats and an atrium for events and exhibitions. Outside sports fields are developed and a park situated around a hill. Cars are parked in a two storage parking below the ground.

The external façade of the theatre is a half glass sphere showing the foyer and gallery. The second half of the sphere is a large green area covering the theatre area with its stage and fly tower. A further 5 Auditoriums, lounges, a café, dressing- and technical rooms are housed within this facility.

The theatrical installation made by STS contains hoist, lift, drive, slide and theatre technical constructions. This large variety of installations and its individual design support the multifunctional character of the theatre. Every day the theatre will be used for presentations, workshops and courses. For the evening the venue is used for shows and large open-end productions. The unique design is made by Steef van der Veldt in close cooperation with Sifapro and the spiritual father of the project, co-owner and founder, Ton van der Veldt.

The constructions consists of side , portal and lighting galleries for the venue and fly tower including stairs and an technical galleries. Furthermore, both the tower and the venue have a walkable technical grid.

The SIL3 scenery fly wall and performer fly installation contain 44 automated flies of 500 kg, 4 flies of 1000 kg, 4 side flies, 6 point hoists, 6 synchro chain hoists and above the venue 4 seperate 2-D performer fly hoists. Add this to the D8+ chain hoists for sound and logistical giving a very adaptable solution.

The lift installation exists of an orchestra pit was achieved using Spira lifts in combination with an removable safety net and two motorized wagons. These wagons are used for the pros stage extension and the orchestra instruments. These can be driven and stored below the fixed part of the orchestra pit and the venue. This allows a fast change of setup in combination with the pitlift between dayly presentation – and evening show usage.