Afas Circus Theatre Scheveningen

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Project scope

This theatre is equipped with 25 computerized elements. Winches are used to move pieces with SWLs of 300 kg and 600 kg. The maximum speed is 1.8 m/s. The control is through STS’s AutoStage2000 system.  The controls are centrally located.  The OptiMaster2000 desk, a precursor of ‘The Composer’ desk, is used with separate screens.

After almost 20 years of loyal service, the counterbalanced winches for the Circus Theater have been replaced by powerfly winches with SIL3 control. These winches are placed in 2 winch rooms on either side of the flytower that has been raised and widened for this project. A total of 50 winches were delivered: 40 fly bars, 6 LX side bars and 4 point hoists.

Although a second layer for the diverts has been created for diverts, the fly bar winches, pulley beams and foundation are designed in such a way that expensive diverts are avoided as much as possible. This translates into 9 pulley beams and 7 steel cables per winch with extended drums for double purchase. The SWL for 36 winches is 650 kg gross and 6 winches gross 1200 kg. The winches are placed in two layers in each engine room. The pulleys are easily movable and accessible from the bottom of the grid: this tower is equipped with two roller attics one above the other.
The 2-wire LX side bars are easily moved across the grid to adapt the location of the lifting points for each production. The pitch of the two steel cables can be adjusted so that the winches can also be used for tabs. The SWL of these winches is 500 kg gross.

The point hoists move across the top grid and are mainly used for one off shows and short productions that take place while the main system is full of flying pieces for the open-ended production.

Operation takes place through two refurbished control desks, 1 of which is now entering its third decade.