Frozen casts its magic at the AFAS Circustheater Scheveningen

On June 9th, the enchanting world of Frozen came to life at the Circus Theatre in Scheveningen with a spectacular premiere. This much-anticipated event marked the Dutch debut of the beloved musical, captivating audiences with its breathtaking performances and stunning visual effects.

A night to remember

The premiere night was a grand affair, attended by an array of celebrities, theatre enthusiasts, and special guests. The audience was transported to the magical kingdom of Arendelle, experiencing the heartwarming tale of sisterhood, love, and adventure through mesmerizing performances and state-of-the-art stagecraft.


Behind the scenes magic

At STS, we were honored to be part of this incredible production, ensuring that every technical aspect ran smoothly. Our team worked tirelessly to bring the icy landscapes and the enchanting world of Frozen to life, making sure that the magic was palpable both on stage and behind the scenes.


Stellar performances and visual delight

The cast delivered stellar performances, breathing life into beloved characters like Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. The visual effects, combined with spectacular set designs, left the audience in awe. From the shimmering ice palace to the bustling streets of Arendelle, every scene was crafted to perfection, creating an immersive experience that will be remembered for years to come.

A collaborative triumph

The success of the premiere was the result of a seamless collaboration between the production team, cast, crew, and technical experts. Our contribution to the technical setup played a pivotal role in ensuring that every moment of the show was executed flawlessly, adding to the overall magic of the evening.

Looking ahead

As Frozen continues its run at the Circustheater, we look forward to more nights of wonder and enchantment. This premiere sets the stage for a series of performances that promise to delight audiences of all ages. We are proud to have played a part in bringing this beloved story to life and can’t wait to see the joy it brings to everyone who experiences it.

For more updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses, stay tuned to our channels. Here’s to many more magical moments on stage!