A fresh start for The Lion King: automation refurbishment

At Silicon Theatre Scenery, we have completed another thrilling project: the complete automation system refurbishment for The Lion King in London. It was a big task, but our team’s energy and passion for theatre technology were even bigger!

Kicking off with a celebration

To celebrate the start of this ambitious project, we shared a special moment in April with a Lion King-themed cake—complete with a mane of frosting and a sunrise worthy of the Savannah. Cutting into this cake was our way of slicing into the work ahead, surrounded by smiles and a bit of sugar.

Why refurbish?

As technology advances, so do the possibilities for stage magic. This refurbishment is all about ensuring that every roar, stomp, and sweep across the savannah feels breathtakingly real. The updated systems will not only improve reliability but also enhance the visual spectacle, making every performance unforgettable.

Teamwork in action

This project is a showcase of teamwork, with our engineers, technicians, and the creative minds behind The Lion King coming together to discuss, design, and deliver. It’s a collaboration that stretches from our workshop to the wings of the Lyceum Theatre.

What’s next?

We’re knee-deep in the nuts and bolts (literally) of automation gears and gadgets for various shows, making sure that when the curtain rises, everything runs like clockwork. We’re excited to keep you updated on our progress, sharing bits of tech and trivia along the way.

Completing this refurbishment reminds us of the magic that theatre brings into our lives, and we’re proud to be a part of its ongoing evolution. So stay tuned for more updates from behind the scenes at STS, where technology meets imagination!