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We produce all parts to operate, control, move and construct for the lifts

Elevators in the theater are used for different purposes. STS delivered several elevators and or elevator controls including orchestra pits in Antwerp (Belgium) and Heerlen (the Netherlands), lifting platforms in Heerlen, stage lifts for the Lion King in Paris and other productions, lifts for the production in the Netherlands like We Will Rock You, Rembrandt, Disney’s Tarzan, etc.

Standard products we developped like scissor lifts, personnel lifts and “drop & slides”.

For this type of installation we used various actuators including spindles, spiral lifts, push chains or hydraulic cylinders.

The operation can be integrated in the central desk and optionally extended with a local operation.

Like all of our products amphitheater installations comply to the european machinery directive and the relevant international standards theatre.

At the amphitheater, the seats are placed at different heights like the theater of Utrecht in the Netherlands where we were asked to update the control.

2) orchestra pit:
We supplied the complete installation for the theatre in Antwerps (Belgium) and the control for the installation in Heerlen (Netherlands)

3) lifting platforms:
In various productions of Disney, Stage Entertainments, Cameron Mackintosh or Andrew Lloyd Webber we supplied lifting platforms for musical productions.

The largest was for the production of Lord of the Rings where we synchronised 16 revolving hydraulic and two electric lifts. 

4) lighting lift:
We have two different versions for this application: unguided telescope and guided winch lift. These lifts are equipped with a fall arrest and therefore meets the current standards. The telescope unguided lift is designed for STS DeLaMar theater in Amsterdam and has a type approval.

5) Lift Truck: Truck Lifts for urban areas or theaters where the stage floor is at a higher level.