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Opera Euryanthe

Previous Next Project scope STS supplied the automation  OPERATE Piccolo CONTROL Server Servo MOVE Lier

North by Northwest

Project scope The plot of this play is based on the film of Alfred Hitchcock produced in 1959. STS supplied the show automation for the UK-/ Toronto tour. OPERATE Composer CONTROL Server INSTALLATIONS Slider (scenery/scherm/grieks)

Monkey’s Journey to the West

Previous Next Project scope For this show we have 12 systems for the performer flying : 8 travellers and 4 point hoists. Speeds of 4 m/s and an acceleration of 4 m/s² vertically and 2 m/s are achieved. Besides delivering and installing the systems, STS was responsible for training the actors and technicians. The show … Read more

Harry Potter and the cursed child

Project scope STS has been able to provide the showdeck and automation for this production. Attached to the promising reviews: After the success in London a complete new showdeck is made by STS for the production in New York. OPERATE Composer CONTROL Server Servo INSTALLATIONS Travellator (wagen & vloertracks)

Blue Man Group

Previous Next Project scope This production started in New York and has now been an international success in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, Toronto, London, Amsterdam and Orlando. The show fuses comedy, music and multimedia artistically into a unique combination. The group is respected worldwide and their music has now been released on … Read more

Brief Encounter

Previous Next Project scope In 1946, the classic film Brief Encounters saw the light in the cinema of Haymarket. Now this Knee High Theater production of Noel Coward is back into a cinema at the Haymarket, the former Carlton Theatre. Special is the seamless transitions between theater and film. Emma Rice, artistic responsible for Knee … Read more

Death of a Salesman

Previous Next Project scope This was after the second production of Mamma Mia at West End STS! The piece was performed by Arthur Miller at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre. The AutoStage2000 sent this one turntable, ten and a traveler’s house. To control was used OptiStage2000 a desk, the forerunner of the Composer desk with folding … Read more