Theatre Heerlen

Project scope

In this project all controllers, cabinets and desks of the Parkstad Limburg Theater (PLT) in Heerlen- the Netherlands are replaced.

The original installation is a Stakebrand type Centurion.

The safety of the installation is now based on the real use in the theatre. That means that extra safety measures are added and brought to a higher SIL level. Also functional updates are made (eg. 3,33 m/s2, desk faders, functionality, online service) and the availability is set on a higher level by the quality and redundancy of the system.

The theatre has two main auditoriums: the Rabo and Limburg auditorium. Each auditorium has two main machine rooms. There is a third auditorium but this is a small one and has no moving scenery.

The total installation has more then 200 axis:

Flywall 500 kg 69x / 47x
Point hoists 250 kg 6x/ 6x
position controlled chain hoists 1ll ton 14/10
chainhoist   6x / 9x
Orchestra room winches 9x/ 8x
Moving proscenium brigde  1x/ 1x
prosceniumlift 2x
auditorium hoists 6x/ 2x
Orchestra-pit lift (serapid) 3x/
Moving stage (serapid)  0x / 6x
truck lift in loading dock (serapid) 2x
AV hoist 1x/ 1x
various hoist

An extra WAGNER winch is installed based on the same technolgy as in the de lamar theater in Amsterdam offering a superb Wagner effect while the drumm can spin freely.

The existing main desks are now equipped with IDEFIX. 
The wireless controlunits are completely renewed and are now also adressable from the main desk.
All installations have local control now.

An extra COMPOSER desk is installed, equiped with the same cardreader as already used in the theatre offering ease of use.