Theatre de Kampanje

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Project scope

Old Theatre

A new lighting bridge in combinaton with sliding vertical tormentors and a teaser is developed and delivered to the theater the Kampanje in Den Helder. The bridge is moved using an STS developed by four wire winch equipped with a twin engine, which eliminates a counterweight. Trekkenwand for a total of 40 multi-wire winches of 325 kg placed above the existing loading area which is equipped with an extra floor. Guidance and control system extends through Autostage2000. Opted for a central control with two hand OptiMaster2000 which operating units are linked. This makes it possible during the show from multiple locations, a movement to establish and / or stop. The operator can thus choose a position from which they have a good overview on the decor which is the safety benefit

New Theatre 2014

For the new theatre we will install a complete SIL3 installation with 60 winches, an orchestra lift, proscenium bridge, side galleries, grid, point hoist winches, synchroneous SIL3 chain hoists and a tensiongrid will be installed in the large venue. Electrical movable galleries with integrated preset winches will be installed in the small venue.