Philharmonie Haarlem

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Project scope


In 2014 the main venue of the Philharmonie in Haarlem The Netherlands is renovated to create a multi functional venue. Since the auditorium 350 m2 floor is now made movable a rake can be used when using chairs and the floor can be set horizontal when using tables or concerts where people are standing. Now this venue can be used for classical concerts, pop concerts, fairs, parties, dinnershows etc.

STS supplied the floor and its hydraulic control including a pneumatic controlled tube used to prevent air leakage from the planum below the floor. .


In 2014 STS installed 16 central controlled chain hoists. The capacity of these Prolyte hoists 500 kg D8+ 4 m/min. The hoists are equiped with a double brake, safety factor 10, clutch not in brake line and end switches.