Mamma Mia

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Project scope

Silicon Theatre Scenery installed Mamma Mia! in the following venues: The Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht, The Prince of Wales Theatre in London, Lope de Vega in Madrid, the Spanish Tour, Moscow and the International Tour (including Ireland, Portugal, Germany, France and South Africa).

New Developments

The Mamma Mia! tour saw several new products developed. Firstly, a portable desk, the AutoStage2000,. This desk is equipped with a single board computer and fits into a rack. Since not all theatres have an automated flying system, there are two types of winches designed for trusses. The first is with 4 drums. The second is a system that is applied when the cap is not high enough. In this event, separable telescopic props are used.

Automation Show

The two houses are operated as moving trucks. The houses are mounted on so-called “3-D” wheelsets. It is therefore possible for the houses to be held in any position.

The houses are coupled using a knife through the two curved tracks on the tilted stage floor. For rotation purposes, a turntable with a pinion is used. At the rear of both houses there are horizontally movable staircases. The steps follow the movements of the curved houses.

A lift is installed upstage of the main performing area. This lift consists of four pillars between which there is a platform, level to the stage, which lowers 4 metres to reach the basement. The net lifting capacity is 500 kg. The shaft of the elevator is decorated with wood. Below is a door which can only be opened when the elevator is downstairs.

The showdeck is 13 metres deep and 15 metres wide and runs back at an angle of 20 to 60 cm. Right in the middle of the showdeck is a jetty which winds upstage. Around the jetty is an area where light boxes are installed in the floor. Left and right of the showdeck, behind the centre, there is a C and an S-shaped track in the floor. The winches are mounted under the showdeck.

In the showdeck there is a jetty which is divided into three segments The jetties can be moved individually using scissor lifts to 60 cm in height. Jetties are reached by steps from the stage level and lead to the jetty which is a rigid straight section.

The difference in positions is always below the middle jetty. The rear and front jetties only have two positions: top position or stage level. The cabinets are placed in the basement below the stage.

Mamma Mia! Moscow

There is also a production of Mamma Mia! in Moscow and we have launched a special winch for the show there.