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Project scope

It is December 1912. Through the snowy streets of a Dutch port city wanders Crumb, a frolicsome and charming street urchin of 10 years. He has no father or mother, no brothers and sisters. Once he has his mother as a baby abandoned in women Koster, who care of him. That is, if you can call it worry. Crumb has just sent the street and may only return if he earned enough money to pay his board and lodging. Crumb often feel lonely, but it’s also a tough one. 

With his girlfriend Keesie he experiences the most wonderful adventures. All day they get out of mischief. Crumb is also no stranger to police. Since they know no counsel with him. He seems to grow for gallows and the wheel. 

Crumb often fantasizes what it would be to have a father and mother. Especially his father, he would love to meet. That was ten years ago to America as a prospector. Since then there has been nothing heard from him. The only crumb of his parents is a medallion, with their portraits in it. Medallion that he wears constantly with them. 

Wilkes found at grocery Crumb, along with his friend Moor street dog, finally a real home. What sets his surprise that when his father and Wilkes old childhood friends seem to have been. Crumb hardly dare to believe. Wilkes and would like help in finding his father? Would his father maybe ever again? The future it would offer something else than the life of a street boy? As simple as it once might have … 

The story is based on the book ‘Crumb’ by Chris Abkoude, publishing Kluitman.

STS automated the showdeck and the bridge.