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Project scope

This comedy is about a magician who, after an accident with an emu, loses his license to perform in Las Vegas. A comeback in the West End arrives to save his career. Together with a pet owner from Portsmouth, he creates a performance based on a duck. The play was staged in two theatres: Theatre Royal in Newcastle and the Albery Theatre in London.

The music is by Steve Parry; the authors are Hamish McColl and Sean Foley; director: Kenneth Branagh; producer: David Pugh Ltd; designer: Alice Power, choreographer: Michael Rooney; lighting designer: Patrick Woodroffe. The familiar Sean Foley and Hamish McColl were in the cast.

STS provided guidance and safety for the three stage lifts. An important aspect of the safe edges is to protect against any crushing danger. A safe edge consists of a rubber tread with a touch strip. The system switches in both contact and wire breakers. The signal comes in on a safety relay, in the same way as an emergency stop. A reset can be performed automatically or manually. The size of the bumper is dependent on the braking distance which, in turn, depends on the maximum speed and maximum deceleration.