Blue Man Group

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Project scope

This production started in New York and has now been an international success in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Berlin, Toronto, London, Amsterdam and Orlando. The show fuses comedy, music and multimedia artistically into a unique combination. The group is respected worldwide and their music has now been released on CD.

We have supplied the automation and the drives for two different productions, a permanent exhibition in Berlin and an international tour. There are seven winches used: four shaft winches and three power-fly winches. For the tour, the winches are integrated into a truss. We also have three cars that use automated friction drives where the cables run on drums.

An STS AutoStage2000 system with an OptiStage2000 desk is used for the automation. This desk is a precursor of’ ‘The Composer’ desk, and is used with a folding screen.

renewal show Berlin