Innovation and connectivity at the forefront: CUE 2024’s triumph

From January 15 to 17, the spotlight was on event, installation, and entertainment technology at CUE 2024, marking another successful year for the expo. Silicon Theatre Scenery (STS) seized this opportunity to immerse ourselves in the heart of our industry’s latest trends and innovations.

Engagement and insights

Reflecting on CUE 2024, Silicon Theatre Scenery appreciates the chance to engage with the community. This year’s exhibition, marked by unprecedented attendance, offered us remarkable opportunities to engage with industry professionals, fostering meaningful exchanges and shared enthusiasm for theatre technology advancements. CUE 2024’s success, highlighted by vibrant discussions and the introduction of innovative solutions, underscores the importance of collaboration and networking in driving the industry forward.

Record-breaking attendance

Attracting a record-breaking attendance of 9,337 visitors and featuring a sold-out show floor, CUE underscored its vital importance in the industry. The expo stood out for its innovative showcases and profound networking opportunities. It was a testament to the increasing demand for technological advancement in live entertainment, showcasing groundbreaking solutions that captivate and inspire.

Looking ahead

CUE has once again proven to be a valuable platform for connecting and discovering within the theatre technology sector. As we anticipate future gatherings, STS is excited to sustain these relationships and contribute further to the evolution of our industry. We carry forward the insights gained, and the connections made, eager for what the future holds in theatre technology innovation.

Until the next one!