Engineering of new shows: Back to the Future

The signature crackling flash, the lighting up of time circuits and the unforgettable words “Great Scott!” fill the auditorium. The magic of Back to the Future: The Musical has come to life, immersing the audience in an unprecedented technological spectacle. The year is 1985 and nostalgia is bursting from the stage. This breathtaking performance, which Silicon Theatre Scenery was proud to collaborate on, is more than just a musical; it is an epic journey through time that no one should miss.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future: The Musical takes audiences on an exciting journey through time. The story follows the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown as they use a time machine built by Doc to try to change the past and save the future. An immersive mix of action, humor and science fiction makes this a must-see for fans of the film franchise and newcomers alike.

The musical not only brings to life the beloved story of the well-known films, but also adds a new dimension with original songs and choreography. It is a celebration of the timeless appeal of “Back to the Future” and a tribute to the groundbreaking work of director Robert Zemeckis.

The technical challenge

One of the most striking elements of the musical is the DeLorean DMC-12, the legendary time machine from the film. Our team faced the challenge of bringing this icon to life on stage, complete with its distinctive wing doors and illuminated dashboard. Simulating credible time travel on stage required advanced automation techniques. Thanks in part to the technical expertise and dedication of our team, we managed to make the DeLorean travel smoothly through time, resulting in stunning visual effects.

A glimpse into the future of theatre

This project impressively illustrates how technology and art can come together to create an immersive theatrical experience. It is an example of what is possible when creativity meets innovation. Back to the Future: The Musical is not only a celebration of the future of theatre, but also of the rich history of the film franchise.

Back to the Future: The Musical promises to be an exciting, moving, and humorous journey for all ages. Silicon Theatre Scenery is proud to be part of this extraordinary project, where technology and creativity come together to take theatre to new heights.