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Stage Around

Previous Next Project scope Where a small country can be big in. Together with Robin de Levita we have a complete rotating stand with bridge, spinning donut revolce and rotating projection screens delivered in Tokyo. More than 80 tons of steel we first built in the Netherlands and then shipped to Tokyo and built there … Read more

Soldaat van oranje

Previous Next Project scope The Musical is based on the true story of one of the greatest resistance heroes in our national history: Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema. At the beginning of the war Erik escapes to England from which he smuggles and transmitting equipment to the Netherlands as a pilot involved in attacks on Germany. He … Read more

Sister Act

Previous Next Project scope Stage Entertainment have produced the musical Sister Act at The London Palladium. Two tracks, three lifts, including one with a sunroof, two revolves, 23 counterbalanced winches, 15 power-fly winches, two automatic cars and 13 sliders, have been automated. This musical is based on the book by Cheri and Bill Stein Kellner … Read more

Philharmonie Haarlem

Previous Next Project scope MOVING FLOOR AUDITORIUM In 2014 the main venue of the Philharmonie in Haarlem The Netherlands is renovated to create a multi functional venue. Since the auditorium 350 m2 floor is now made movable a rake can be used when using chairs and the floor can be set horizontal when using tables … Read more